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C.L. Contract Logistik AG

Your partner for intelligent logistics concepts

Together with interested clients, C.L. Contract Logistik AG realizes optimum logistics structures throughout the supply chain in order to achieve the powerful integration of all processes and to bring together first-class partners.

As an independent general contractor without outside influence, we are subject to a natural neutrality, as we do not use our own infrastructures or physical networks.

The aims of integrating C.L. Contract Logistik AG primarily in procurement and distribution logistics processes are oriented on concepts, methods, means and instruments for process and cost optimization.

Our services:

  • Customized comprehensive logistics concepts
  • European distribution and procurement logistics
  • Transport planning and control
  • Financial services /customs administration
  • Creation and administration of documents
  • Individual IT solutions
 C.L. Contract Logistik AG 
 Birsstrasse 320 
 4052 Basel 
Phone: +41 61 337 82 82 
Fax: +41 61 337 82 89 
Message:  Contact Form 
Web: www.clag.ch 

Group: Logistics: Contract logistics, Wednesday, June, 19 2024 · 3:15 AM

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© C.L. Contract Logistik AG
© C.L. Contract Logistik AG

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