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Registration for membership of

the Swiss Logistics Platform

Membership of the Swiss Logistics Platform is worthwhile for companies and organizations in the logistics sector. Branch-specific rubrics enable members to place their services exactly.

Free and easy? Yes - guaranteed!

For a fixed monthly fee, members of the Swiss Logistics Platform have access to various guaranteed services:


Present your services round the clock in the logistics sector's display window.

Service quality

We use powerful servers which are continually monitored by our technicians.

Generous display window

Provide information about your services by inserting appropriate texts on your own presentation page.

Editorial service

Our editors create and update your presentation.

Visual features

Present your graphic material and logo. This service includes graphic information linked to your website.

Graphic support

The graphics and visual information provided is processed by our graphic designers.

Rubric presentation

Listing in the appropriate rubric overview incl. text intro of up to 150 characters. This includes forwarding to your presentation page.

Provision of rubric presentation

Our editors create your rubric presentation with headline and text intro.

Linking rubric contents

Reciprocal linking of all presentations within a rubric. This benefits everybody, also the searchers.

Monitoring links

The rubric-specific and reciprocal links are maintained by our CMS system.

German and English

The Swiss Logistics Platform is bilingual. It is available in both German and English.

Administration of English information

Our editors create and update your English presentation.

Overview of logistics sector

The area with contact information presented specific to each rubric and in overview. A print-optimized version is included.

Administration of contact overview

The contact information for the overview is administrated by our editors.

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